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Galaxy College of ETT
GALAXY COLLEGE OF ETT, The institution’s legendary passion for knowledge is reinforced and enhanced by state-of-the-art infrastructure and best-in-class educational facilities, including technologically advanced classrooms, language, science and computer labs with Wi-Fi connectivity, a digital library, and a visual and performing arts centre. This Institute offers wide variety of programmes presently under the five different Colleges.

Our Motto : Higher, Stronger, Brighter

In the true spirit of our motto Higher, Stronger, Brighter we strive to elevate the learning experience of every student to a new level of understanding, thereby strengthening their knowledge base, ensuring a firm grasp of the fundamentals, and creating a brighter future… all this in a verdant idyllic ambience. The College stands for the sacred cause of developing professional competencies amongst the teachers by adhering to the modern techniques. We have adopted latest methods of imparting education to the students with the use of audio-visual aids. The college infrastructure speaks high of itself with well ventilated and spacious class-rooms, voluminous library, computer lab, science lab, etc. we have a sole motto of rolling out trained teachers with good personality so that they help to make a healthy society and Nation. The college is run by highly experienced management and staff with a spirit of service before self.
Students who have passed their Higher Secondary Examination Part-II of the J&K Board of School Education or Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) or Equivalent Examination from any other board recognized by J&K Board.

Admission shall be made through J&K Board on the basis of merit/percentage of marks.

Submission Of Applications:
• The admission forms along with brochure can be had from GALAXY COLLEGE OF ETT or J&K Board of School Education Rehari.
• The candidates are advised to read the statues/eligibility conditions carefully to ensure that they fulfill the eligibility condition laid down for their admission to the course.

Certificates & Other Documents To Be Attached:
The application study filled in should be accompanied by duly attested photo copies of the following certificate documents:
• Matriculation Certificate
• Matriculation in Mark Certificate
• Marks Certificate and HS Part-II Certificate
• Transfer Certificate
• Migration Certificate
• Character Certificate / good conduct certificate by the Principal
• Category Certificate
• Residential Certificate
•Recent Photographs
Library Facility
The college library is a learning resource centre in the widest sense as it houses information resources, expansive reading material & digital data with internet access. The library is partially computerized and well-stocked with a wide collection of books & CD’s, course books, reference books, encyclopedias, journals & periodicals. The library also provides facilities like reprographic, book bank etc. The library system has been so designed & organized that each student will get two days in a week. This is apart from special access during Assignment writing days. So enjoy & make Books your Best Friends.

Hostel Facility
A holistic living ambience contributes significantly to superior academic performance. The accommodations offered by the institution are designed to provide a spirit of independence & freedom yet are as secure and caring as your home. To retain the female candidate, the college has come up with a hostel with in the college campus with a capacity of 180 boarders. The hostel accommodation at campus provides a quality life style & sustains it every step of the way. Recreation rooms equipped with television, newspaper & comfortable seating are an instant hit with all resident.

Lab Facility
The College is having well equipped Computer Lab With latest hardware and software facilities. The Net-surfing facility is also available to the student and the college has facility for imparting quality education by modern teaching methods. Special modules have been designed for training of students and staff in diverse computer applications.

Sports Facility
Besides developing the mental faculty of the students, the college takes special care of their physical fitness and recreation .In this connection, periodical games and sports competitions are held in the college . The individuals as well as teams also represent the college in various competitions organized by the University of Jammu and other agencies. Sports meets are organized in the college premises, and various events like Badminton , Chess, Races, Kabbaddi, Short Put, Volleyball etc are organized in the sports ground of the college .

Transport Facility
Wheels have changed the whole concept of human civilization adding to the prosperity. Although well connected through public transport, The institution provides its own buses for the convenience of students and staff. The institution maintains a fleets of buses from all major areas of city.

The cafeteria provide wholesome & nutritious meals that will undoubted surpass your expectations. Meals are offered at fixed monthly charges. The snack bar offers snacks & beverages as an addition premium service on payment basis. Meals will be served only during the college hours. No meals will be served in the rooms except in case of medical problem.
Scheme of Examination
Paper Subject Ext. Exam Int. exam Total
Paper 1 Philosophical Perspective of Education 40 10 50
Paper 2 Child Development 40 10 50
Paper 3 Educational Technology 40 10 50
Paper 4 Sociological Perspective of Education 40 10 50
Total marks   160 40 200
Paper Subject Ext. Exam Int. exam Total
Paper 1 Teaching of Mathematics (to classes I to V) 40 10 50
Paper 2 Teaching of EVS (Science) (to classes I to V) 40 10 50
Paper 3 Teaching of Environmental Studies to classes I to V (Social Science) 40 10 50
Paper 4 Teaching of English to classes I to V 40 10 50
Paper 5 Teaching of Urdu / Hindi / Punjabi 40 10 50
Total marks   200 50 250
Paper Subject Ext. Exam Int. exam Total
Paper 1 Mathematics (classes I to V) 25 25 50
Paper 2 Environmental Studies (Science) (classes I to V) 25 25 50
Paper 3 Environmental Studies classes I to V (Social Science) 25 25 50
Paper 4 English (classes I to V) 25 25 50
Paper 5 Teaching of Urdu / Hindi / Punjabi (classes I to V) 25 25 50
Total marks   150 50 250
Paper Subject Ext. Exam Int. exam Total
Paper 1 Health & Physical Education 20 30 50
Paper 2 Work Education 20 30 50
Paper 3 Art Education 20 30 50
Total marks   60 90 150
Curriculum Structure
The content of Elementary Teacher Education programme must emerge from the roles and functions of an elementary school teacher and should have the potential to prepare the trainees to handle effectively the elementary school curriculum from standard I to VIII. Keeping in view the teacher's role, the programme comprises of different types of courses, which may be categorized as under:
(I) Foundation Course and other Related Areas
(II) Pedagogical Courses in Different School Subjects
(III) School Experience Programme (Teaching Practice)
(IV) Practical Work Education is closely linked with many disciplines.
In fact, its basic concepts have roots in other disciplines like Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. Therefore, to understand different process of education, one must have understanding of these disciplines, specially their implications in education. The major function of these courses is to enable the prospective teachers to develop insight into priorities and problems of learning processes. it is presumed that the concept incorporated in these courses will equip the trainees to organize learning process in schools in right perspective.

The curriculum is based on the following courses:
Foundation Courses & Other Related Areas Pedagogical Courses in Different School Subjects
1. Philosophical perspective of Education
2. Sociological Perspective of Education
3. Child Development
4. Process of Children's Learning
5. Guidance and Counseling
6. School Organization and Management
7. Early Childhood Care and Education
8. Education of Children with Disabilities
9. Educational Technology
10. Non-formal and Adult Education
11. Population Education
12. Value Education
1. Teaching in Mathematics
2. Teaching of Environmental Studies (Science)
3. Teaching of Environmental Studies (Social Studies)
4. Teaching of Work Experience
5. Teaching of Art Education
6. Teaching of Health and Physical Education
7. Teaching of English Language
Practical Work
1. Co-curricular Activities
2. Community Work
3. Games & Sports
Teaching Practice (School Experience Programme) Co-Scholastic
1. Health & Physical Education
2. Work education
3. Art Education
Pass Criteria
To pass the course a student is required to pass both the first year course as well as the second year course. To pass first year a student has to pass separately the Part-I, Part-II, Part-III and Part-IV to the course. To pass second year a student is required to pass separately all the four parts as in case of first year.
• To pass Part-I a candidate shall be required to secure in each paper compromising this part 36% marks in internal assessment and external examination separately.
• To pass Part-II a candidate shall be required to secure in each paper compromising this part 40% marks in internal assessment and external examination separately.
• To pass Part-III a candidate shall be required to secure in each paper compromising this part 50% marks in internal assessment and external examination separately.
• To pass Part-IV a candidate shall be required to secure 36% marks in the subject he offers.
• To pass the examination and earn Diploma, a candidate shall have to pass first year examination as well as second year examination.
• Marks obtained by a candidate in Part I, II, III and Part-IV shall not added but reflected part wise in the Marks Certificate. Marks Certificate as well as the Diploma issued on successful completion of the course shall indicate separately the marks obtained by the candidate in external examination and internal assessment in first year and second year course. A candidate shall be required to secure pass marks in internal and external examination separately and the same will be shown in the marks sheet.
• Separate statement of marks will be issued for each year of examination.
• A candidate who fails to secure the minimum pass marks in a particular subject shall be allowed to reappear in the subject concerned in the subsequent examination but number of such chances shall not be more than five spread over a period of five years from the session in which she was placed under reappear category in the first instance or till examination in the relevant course / scheme is held by the Board, whichever is earlier .
• Provided that a candidate shall be exempted from appearing in the subject's in which she has passed.
• A candidate who fails ion one or more than one subject compromising Part-I by not more than 2 marks; Part-II by not more than 3 marks; Part-III by not more than 3 marks in First year or Second year or both shall also be deemed to have passed the examination by notionally adding the required marks in the subject's to her/his best advantage. the notional marks shall be awarded only once. This concession shall neither apply in the internal assessment in case of Part-I, Part-II and Part-III subjects nor in Part-IV subjects. Provided that a candidate who does not desire to pass an examination with the help of statutory/ notional marks and makes a request to this effect in writing within thirty days of the declaration of result of an examination. The statutory/notional marks awarded shall be withdrawn and his/her best result amended accordingly. Such a candidate shall necessarily have to return the original marks certificate to the Board along with her/his application to the Board for cancellation. Option once exercised shall be final and such a candidate shall be allowed to appear in the subsequent examination as a failure or re-appear case, as the case may be.
A student who passes any two papers from out of the four papers compromising Part-I (Foundation Papers), any three papers from Part-II namely.
1. Teaching of Mathematics
2. Teaching of Environmental Studies (Social Studies)
3. Teaching of English
4. Teaching of Urdu /Hindi / Punjabi All the papers compromising Part-III (Teaching Practice) and the paper offered from out of the papers compromising Part-IV namely (Co-Scholastic areas):
1. Health and Physical Education,
2. Work Education &
3. Art Education shall be eligible for provisional admission in the second year as reappear case.
A student who fails in one or more than one subject compromising Part-III (Teaching Practice) shall have to appear again (in the subjects/s in which he/she has failed) to pass the subject/s. Students are exempted from appearing again in subject/s they have passed. Note: In all type of reappear cases marks obtained in Internal Assessment shall not be counted. In such cases there will be only external examination and marks reserved for internal assessment shall be allocated to external exam. Re-checking of Answer Books: After declaration of result, a candidate may apply for rechecking of his/her scripts within 15 days of the declaration of results. In re-checking re-totaling will be carried out and in case any question(s) or part there of found to have been left unmarked during evaluation of answer book the unmarked question/s or part there of shall be assessed/evaluated. In case a candidate is not satisfied with the assessment / evaluation he/she can have her/his scripts re-evaluated. Provided no re-evaluation shall be allowed in internal assessment area/s. Scheme for improvement of performance in one or more than one subject: A candidate who desires to improve performance be allowed to do so in one or more than one subject of Part-I, Part-II, Part-III and Part-IV by permitting her/him to appear in the same examination fresh at one of the two immediate subsequent sessions and in no case thereafter. Provided that he/she shall have a single chance to avail of this concession within the prescribed time limit. Improvement of performance is not allowed in Practice of Teaching. In this case he/she shall retain her/his earlier marks, provided further that in all such cases where the candidate fails to improve her/his performance he/she shall be allowed to retain the previous result. Provided that only one chance will be provided for improvement of performance. Provided also that there is no provision for improvement in Practice of Teaching and Practical Examination.
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